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Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear deformities or malformation can be either by birth or due to some injuries. In certain situations creating a normal looking ear can be done by using the tissue from the patient’s body like the skin, fascia or cartilage.

One of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures is of ear reconstruction. It is quite complicated because this is related to the very complex shape of the ear that has to be created to make it look natural but ear specialist Dr.Parag Telang is delivering excellent results due to the advancement in reconstructive surgery in India and his dynamism, dedication and determination.

This surgery is advisable for two groups of patients: those having microtia (underdeveloped ear at birth) and those who have lost a normal ear on any kind of disease or accidents.

The procedure of ear reconstruction surgery is done in two stages, about 6-12 months apart.

Ear reconstruction surgery: Stage 1

In the first stage a skin pocket is created at the site of the ear by reshaping the available tissue and the thinning the skin to impersonate the ear skin. Rib cartilage is then cropped in three pieces.

The rib cartilage is then sculpted and wired with fine stainless steel wire to construct a very detailed ear structure. This structure is then inserted in the pocket and a gentle suction is applied to it for enabling the skin and the designed ear structure to come together.

It may take approximately 4-6 hours for this surgery and the patient is expected to stay in the hospital for around 5-7 days.

Ear reconstruction surgery: Stage 2

In order to make it look like a normal ear sticking out of from the head it needs to be put into it’s proper position. To support the proper position of the ear it is lifted with a piece of cartilage. To complete the process a flap of tissue is added and a skin grafting is done over the exposed cartilage.

This stage may take around 3-4 hours and the patient is expected to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.

90% of patients have graded ear reconstruction surgery results as good as excellent and it has a robust success rate too.

However, some patients having a thin or a low hairline, may not be more suitable for ear correction surgery but they can consult the surgeon or speak to a specialist.