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Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent ears can be a significant source of embarrassment in adults. They also increase the likelihood of teasing at school and can therefore affect a child’s confidence and social interaction.

The approach for surgery is from behind the ears making the scars not visible.

Dr Parag Telang uses a reliable safe technique that avoids the risk of any major complications.

The shape of the ear is altered by using permanent sutures to redefine the normal curves.

Otoplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure to correct ears which stick out too far from the side of the head and to improve the shape of the ears. It can be performed to correct asymmetries between the two ears as well as to bring the ear position more into harmony with the rest of the face. This can improve your appearance and enhance your self esteem, making you feel more confident with yourself.


Otoplasty is usually best performed any time from the age of seven, by which time the ear cartilage is mature enough to be shaped, and when the child is old enough to co-operate with the surgery and the aftercare.

The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic, and patients are usually discharged on the same day. During the surgery local anaesthetic is also used, which will help with post-operative pain relief.

The scars for otoplasty are all placed behind the ear so as not to be visible. In order to improve the shape of your ear a combination of either scraping the cartilage or using stitches may be used. Additional stitches may be used to pull the entire ear closer to the side of the head and also to correct prominence of the ear lobes. The wounds are then closed and a head bandage applied.


Otoplasty is not usually a painful procedure, and usually only simple pain medications are needed afterwards. The head bandage is left in place for a week, at which time it is removed and any stitches that need to be removed are taken out. From this time the wounds are left open and you can shower normally. You will need to wear a headband at night for a few weeks following the procedure.

Before and After Image of Prominent Ear Correction